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Zack is a zombie flattened by a steam roller.  He's a little tougher than most zombies, so it takes more than being flattened to kill him.  Zack likes to be printed, colored, and taken on adventures.  Specifically, he likes to learn of people's zombie plans.  It's okay, let him learn about all your anti-zombie plans.  Just make sure to dispose of Flat Zack before he tells the other zombies.  He's hard to kill, so be thorough.  Also, don't get a paper cut as it might lead to infection.

The Flat Zack Story

Zack is a happy zombie. And by that, I mean he is a zombie with a full belly. He loves his new self; his new unlife. He doesn't have to sleep.  In fact, he is more active at night than ever. His morning back pains have disappeared. In fact, the only thing that bothers him is his constant hunger for human flesh. You see, there's just too few humans around.

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But why so flat? Well, one of the free-range  humans Zack tried to eat ran him over with a  steam roller. Silly humans and their silly gadgets. Now he's a bit flat. But he's okay with that. He can easily get around using mail envelopes and printers.

What do with with Flat Zack

  1. Download, Print, Color, and Cut
  2. Take photos as you show Zack how you will fight off zombies.  Show him locations, weapons, supplies, and whatever else you can think of.
  3. Destroy Zack before he can tell his zombie friends.  He’s tough to kill.  Not even steam rollers work.  So be creative and take photos.
  4. (optional) Send your photos and brief story to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I want to expand out this site in the future with user submissions!
  5. Share your Flat Zack photos with your friends.

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