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Tonsillectomy During a Zombie Apocalypse


I did it... I finally did it.  ZEU's first video.  More to come.  Don't worry, you'll get to see more of my adorable face.

This particular video is meant to get you thinking about all the "normal" medical procedures we take for granted that won't exist when the world goes to shit.  Click in to see the video.


Contingency Plans for the Zombie Apocalypse (Infographic)


Andrea was kind enough to send this juicy bit to me. This is an awesome infographic regarding government responses to zombies.  Well thought out. What makes it funny to me is all the notes added to the basic data. My favorite is the bit about using a slingshot to throw maggots at zombies so they'll get eaten up.  Click in to see the big-ole-image.

Movie Coming Soon - Warm Bodies


I live under a rock called Netflix. So I don't see commercials anymore. Sometimes, I don't see awesome trailers until after every else. It's a tough life, but a burden I must bare since my wallet is rather small.

But after seeing this trailer, I'm splurgin on a movie theater ticket in Febuary 1st, 2013. My wife said she would like to see this movie for her birthday! Come-on... all together now... "aaaaawwwwh."

Click in to see the awesome trailers.

Autopsy and the Brain


Anyone else singing the title to the Pinky and the Brain song? No, well... that's your loss folks.

So the image before you is a screen grab from the trailer of the 1990 remake of Night of the Living Dead. When I first watched this movie, I saw a guy in a suit coming after the main character. The suit started falling off, exposing a Y incision commonly used during autopsy. This bugged me a bit. You see, a nugget of useless information stored in my brain was that during autopsies, the brain is removed from the skull, examined, and sewn back up into the abdomen with the other organs. So why was I seeing a zombie that had been through an autopsy... the brain should have been destroyed!

Luckily, I recently got a chance to talk with some nice guys over at a funeral home. They were kind enough to talk to me about this topic. Click in to learn more.

Dude Shoots Girlfriend Over Walking Dead Argument

Jared Gurman    watch The Walking Dead
+ talking about zombies
+ paranoid boyfriend
= girlfriend shot with a 22.  

I am totally cereal! Click in to learn more.


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