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    The word Forum was originally used to describe the center a greek city where the citizens would gather to discuss the zombie problems that plagued their society. Well, not really. But that's what this forum is for. Talk about zombies, learn how to survive once the shit hits the fan, and keep up with website news.

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  • Zombie Plans
    Zombie Plans

    I remember when I was a budding young teenager, my father came into my room to give me a talk about the birds and bees. That was awkward. He was trying to prepare me for the future. But sadly, he never did give me the zombie plan talk. My family was not prepared. It would be years before I learned of my ignorance and family shame. Don't bring shame onto your family. Don't be unprepared. Create your zombie plans today!

    Use this section to create, share, interact, and get ideas for your zombie plans. And having just one zombie plan is not enough. You never know when the hordes will rise up or where you will be.

  • Zombie Scenarios
    Zombie Scenarios

    OK. So two zombies walk into a bar... so, what would you do?

    Ever watch a zombie movie and think "they're doing it all wrong." Well, time to share those thoughts with the world.

    ZombiesEatUs.com maintains a series of scenarios for you to read and provide responses. Then watch as other members rate and comment your ideas. And make sure to provide feedback to them too. You know, because they're "doing it all wrong."

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Each month I pick a new Zombie Plan of the Month winner based on ratings, comments, pictures, and sometimes even grammar. 

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