WTF is going on with this site?

Well, due to my expert planning, the site is a bit of a mess right now, but still functions!  The technology pieces of the site have all gotten major upgrades as I migrated this site from Joomla2.5 to Joomla3.  Which means all the addons I use also needed major upgrades.  

What's next? Well, I gotta make the site look purty again. And I might as well make it work on a phone too.  A mini-face lift.  So please be patient.  I don't make money on off this site and can usually only do heavy lifting on it after the family all goes to sleep.

Oh, and I'm also getting around to some zombie videos and hope to have those posted before the new year.

For updates, visit this forum post.

Cheers, Ethan Nov 13th, 2014

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